Chapter Review Questions (HW 3)

Chapter Review Questions (HW 3) - 1. The mass of a piece of...

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1. The mass of a piece of aluminum is known to be 12.34567 kg. How many pounds does this quantity represent? 1. 27.19310573 lb 2. 27.19311 lb 3. 27.2 lb 4. 30 lb 2. When used in unit conversion problem solving, numbers and units given in conversion tables limit the number of significant figures allowed in the result. 1. true 2. false 3. Which is a measurement? 1. 1 dime 2. 1.0 3. 1.53 4. 1 ft 4. The polyethylene container of Coca-Cola in front of me reads 2 LITER 67.6 FL OZ (2QT 3.6 OZ). Given that 1 fluid ounce = 29.6 mL, consider the conversion from L to FL OZ and determine whether the person doing the labeling was paying attention to significant figures. 1. Yes, the person responsible for sending the figures to the labeling layout department checked for proper use of significant figures. 2. No, that employee didn't check the sig figs. Of course, for most consumers, this is not an issue that concerns them when shopping for soft drinks. 5. What the Coke bottle SHOULD say is 2 LITER 1. 67 FL OZ 2. 67.56 FL OZ 3. 67.6 FL OZ 4. 70 FL OZ 6. Check out Follow the What is metric? link to find the percentage of the world that uses the metric system. 1. 50% 2. 75% 3. 80% 4. 90% 5. 93.5% 6. 96.9% 7. 99.9% 7. From What is metric?, check out the Spectator link to answer the following. The British use imperial measurements because those measurements are historically British. 1.
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Chapter Review Questions (HW 3) - 1. The mass of a piece of...

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