Chapter Review Questions (HW 4)

Chapter Review Questions (HW 4) - CHEM 1015 Homework#4...

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CHEM 1015 Homework #4 Posted: September 7, 2007 Due: Thursday, September 13, 2007 Choose the best response to each of the following multiple choice questions and fill in the corresponding space on your orange opscan. 1. Check out and decide who it was that shattered the Greek theory that matter comprised four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. 1. Niels Bohr 2. Alessandro Volta 3. John Dalton 4. J. J. Thomson 5. William Nicholson (and Carlisle) 6. Humphry Davy 2. Nicholson published news of his decomposition of water in 1. a textbook. There is no better way to convey up-to-date information. 2. the Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts (aka Nicholson's Journal) 3. Thomson's Annals of Philosophy. 4. the Journal of the American Chemical Society. 3. Nicholson was a pioneer in the (then) infant science of 1. nanotechnology. 2. combustion. 3. refrigeration. 4. electrochemistry. 5. nuclear chemistry. 4. Electrochemistry is the methodology by which Davy isolated 1. sodium 2. potassium 3. calcium 4. strontium 5. barium 6. magnesium 7. lithium 8. all of the above 5. Which statement best summarizes the general nature of investigations after 1800 related to the acquisition and development of knowledge concerning the atomic (subatomic) structure of matter?
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1. Qualitative observations, although often influenced by ideas related to magic and
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Chapter Review Questions (HW 4) - CHEM 1015 Homework#4...

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