Engineering Cultures HW#1

Engineering Cultures HW#1 - 28 August 2006 886 words...

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28 August 2006 886 words Reflecting on Dominant Images Dominant images affect people everyday. One would be lying if they said their culture has not been influenced by the way in which they perceive other people. Like other important professions, there are many images of what an engineer should be. Engineers that are truly passionate about their work all share some similar characteristics. Whether it is the need for facts, factual-based problem solving, the desire to toy with gadgets, engineers are a special breed of human society. Myself being an engineer, I admit that I fall into some of these engineering stereotypes. In my examination of my characteristics and beliefs concerning engineering, I will show how the decision was made for me to pursue engineering and how this course will help me in my future. I feel that taking this course will reveal the true intentions of most engineers throughout history, and will also serve as a way to relate my ideas to engineers of the past and present. I believe that this course will show how the plight of engineers and how their hard work has made the world into what it is today. Also, I think I will understand more about the conflicts between engineers and non-engineers in society. I hope to learn about the great engineering minds in our
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Engineering Cultures HW#1 - 28 August 2006 886 words...

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