9-13- Newton's Laws (Third).pdf - Newton\u2019s third law of motion \u201cWhenever a body exerts a force on a second body the second body exerts an oppositely

9-13- Newton's Laws (Third).pdf - Newtonu2019s third law...

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1 QuestionAre they action – reaction?
2 these two forces: Same magnitude, opposite directions Weight (by earth) force by hand Question Answer Are they action – reaction? On different objects Same type A most common mistake is to think these two force are action – reaction pair. They are not action – reaction because they violate the following two characteristics: Free-body diagram: only includes forces exerted ON the object, not forces exerted by the object on the surroundings. Action – reaction Earth Weight (on book by earth) force on book by hand force on hand by book on earth by book Action – reaction Never include both action and reaction in the same free-body diagram. Free-Body Diagrams revisited