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Human variation

Human variation - 9:12:00 AM Human variation Biological...

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30/01/2008 09:12:00 Human variation Biological diversity o Why people look different Evolutionary adaptation Different groups of people adapted to specific environmental  stimuli o Phenotype Expressed physical characteristics Blood types o Sickle cell Malaria o ABO blood types Smallpox B types are more resistant Bubonic plague A types are more resistant Syphilis O types are more resistant Facial features o Thomson’s nose rule Large long nose = cold weather Short flat nose = warm weather o Teeth Large teeth = grittier food High altitudes o Andes
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Barrel shaped chests Low birth weights o Himalayas More efficient blood Altered placentas Bergman’s rule o Hot climates = more body surface Tall, thin o Cold climates = less body surface Short, round Lactose tolerance o Ability to produce enzyme lactase o
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