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Unformatted text preview: Guide for Written Assignments Format Requirements: Typed 12-point font Black ink Double-spaced 1.25-inch side margins, 1-inch top and bottom margins If your assignment is more than 1 page, it must be stapled or paper clipped. Citation Requirements: Whenever you quote from a reading, you must cite the author(s) and page number. "My sister experienced some wild teenage days of mild drugs and truancy, flunking out of high school for a time. But she was surrounded by enough protective influences that her teenage rebellion never gathered enough momentum to ruin her life" (Conley 202). When you paraphrase (put in your own words) content from a reading or lecture, you must cite your source. Dalton's sister went through a rebellious period when she was a teenager (Conley). Proofreading Steps: 1. Check that your introductory paragraph has a thesis statement. 2. Check that each paragraph has an introductory sentence. 3. Check that each paragraph has facts, details, and examples to support the point you made in the introductory sentence. 4. Check that each paragraph supports or responds to your thesis statement. 5. Check that each quote has a citation including the author and page number. 6. Only use complete sentences (including a subject and a verb), no fragments. 7. Check for run-on sentences. 8. Review punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and spelling. If you are unsure about something, ask somebody or look it up. 9. Use active verbs ("I wrote the paper"), not passive ("The paper was written"). 10. Check that you have defined terms from the readings and lecture. Common Errors Its = possessive There = that place It's = it is Their = possessive Its' = not a word They're = They are Affect: verb = to produce an effect Effect: verb = cause to happen noun = emotion, feeling noun = result Apostrophe = possessive; do not use an apostrophe to make a plural noun. ...
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