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( ) Academic Reading Tests () , Practice Tests (- tests/) , Reading () , Recent Exam Questions () / December 27, 2016 IELTS Reading Actual Test 4 In 2016 With Answer Key by IELTS Material () PDF PDF PDF Test Reading PDF Ads by Google Click Here to Download () IELTS Reading Actual Test 4 in 2016 with Answer Key 1 of 14 1/11/2017 2:40 PM
O 1. 2. 3. 4. IELTS Study Materials IELTS General Training ITIL Exam Questions IELTS Writing Samples SECTION 1 rganic farming and chemical fertilisers IELTS Reading Actual Test 5 in 2016 with Answer Key ( - reading-actual-test-5-in-2016-with-answer-key/ ) IELTS Reading Actual Test 2 in 2016 with Answer Key ( - actual-test-2-in-2016-with-answer-key/ ) IELTS Reading Actual Test 1 in 2016 with Answer Key ( - actual-test-in-2016-with-answer-key/ ) IELTS Reading Actual Test 3 in 2016 with Answer Key ( - actual-test-3-in-2016-with-answer-key/ ) IELTS Reading Practice Test 26 with Answers ( - test-26-with-answers/ ) A The world’s population continues to climb. And despite the rise of high-tech agriculture, 800 millionpeople don’t get enough to eat. Clearly it’s time to rethink the food we eat and where it comes from. Feeding 9 billion people will take more than the same old farming practices, especially if we want to do it without felling rainforests and planting every last scrap of prairie. Finding food for all those people will tax predicting farmers’—and researchers’—ingenuity to the limit. Yet already, precious aquifers that provide irrigation water for some of the world’s most productive farmlands are drying up or filling with seawater, and arable land in China is eroding to create vast dust storms that redden sunsets as far away as North America. “Agriculture must become the solution to environmental problems in 50 years. If we don’t have systems that make the environment better~not just hold the fort-then we’re in trouble,” says Kenneth Cassman, an agronomist at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. That view was echoed in January by the Curry report, a government panel that surveyed the future of farming and food in Britain. B IELTS Reading Actual Test 4 in 2016 with Answer Key 2 of 14 1/11/2017 2:40 PM