3b._Ethnic_and_Regional_Practices - Ethnic and Regional...

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Ethnic and Regional Practices in the United States Cultural Sensitivity and Food Religion Family dynamics Native American Who: o Where: o o o o Midwest ( Food Habits by region o Eastern: Fruits & Veggies (beans, corn, & pumpkins), Fish (sturgeon “Albany beef”, lobster), Game (venison, moose, pheasant) o o o Plains: o Northeastern: o Southwest: o Midwest: Alaska Native Who: o Population = 3 ethnic grps: o Where: o Northwest Alaska = o Main Mid Section = o Southwest/Islands = Traditionally subsisted on a high-protein, high-fat, animal- and fish-based diet vs plant- based diet o o Current foods: Small stores in villages o = o 1
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o o F/Vs are infrequently consumed ( Hmong American Who: o Immigrants or children of immigrants from the mountainous areas of northern
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3b._Ethnic_and_Regional_Practices - Ethnic and Regional...

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