History 9 - John Collier was one of the most prominent...

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John Collier was one of the most prominent supporters of the Native American rights. He passes the Indian reorganization act . It goes against the Dawes act. It puts tribal land back to its tribes. It’s been 50 years since the Dawes act. It creates tribal culture. WWII- As US enters, begins the depression. In terms of foreign policy, US looks at what Europe is doing economically. Europe after WWI is in a chaotic position. Throughout 1920 and 30s, people stay out of foreign affairs. US have debt after WWI of 11.5 billion dollars. It becomes a real issue. There is lack of ability that countries pay back the money. Great Depression is global and is a European issue too. By 1934, every country with the exception of Finland was unable to pay anything back. The US economy has its own problems. In response, Congress passes the Johnson Debt Default Act . This is if nation cannot pay the US back, then the federal bank cannot loan the country back anymore money. After WWI, war would be possible as long as you have standing army’s and large budgits devoted to the military. Washington Armament Conference - Have nations discuss not having the threat of war, especially Asia. There’s a series of treaties. 1. Five power naval treaty- between US, Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan. This treaty divides the globe up into naval spheres and gives certain navy control of these spheres. 2. Four power treaty- Between US, Great Britain, France and Japan. They promise not to expand territorially. 3.
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History 9 - John Collier was one of the most prominent...

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