History 5 - Moody Farrag History 106 February 26, 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: Moody Farrag History 106 February 26, 2007 1914-1945-two world wars, US begins world power, times of prosperity and times of economic disaster. Urbanization, industrialization, growth of businesses late 19 th century in Europe, populations growth Working classes that are swelling, poverty, middle classes being created over night. Nationalism, militarism, and Imperialism. They all do positive things and negative things Nationalism- concentrated of patriotism of ones nation. It is the backbone of some nations.\ Military is central element of nation. Only through military night you become strong. Imperislism-Your nation must go out and conquer other nations. All three of these together create intense situations. June 28, 1914, Duke Franz Ferdinand murdered and from this is the cause of the war. The orginzation called the Black Hand (secret military organization apart of early 20 th century Bosnia). It is a terrorist group that wants to form Bosnia and Serbia together. The killing of this Duke creates this fire storm. All these combinations of Imp, Nat, and Mil US trying not to get involved Central Power- Germany, Austria and Hungary Allies Power- England, France and Russia Early stage of war fought as naval combat Blockade was made to block ports. England blocks Germany. England cut Germany off from the rest of the world. US is neutral and not getting involved, however, in terms of trade, US trades with England and France and because of the blockade, they cant trade with Germany and Austrias. US banks give out millions of dollars to Allies....
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History 5 - Moody Farrag History 106 February 26, 2007...

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