Notes 2-20-08

Notes 2-20-08 - - Dj vu o A feeling of uncanny familiarity...

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Unformatted text preview: - Dj vu o A feeling of uncanny familiarity with a strange person place or thing- Spatial neglect o Is a tendency of persons who have right hemispheric damage to ignore information and sensations affecting the left side of the body- Blindsight o Is found in individuals who suffer from cortical blindness. They respond to visual stimuli though they will report not being conscious of them.- Hypnosis o From the word Hypnos (Greek god of sleep) o A condition of increased suggestibility that occurs in the context of a special hypnotist-subject relationship Not the same as sleep. Hypnotized people can respond to stimuli from the outside world. o First practiced by an Austrian philosopher and physician, Franz Anton Mesmer o He attributed his success at various treatment strategies (use of magnets and his own hands as evidence of his own animal magnetism. o In all likelihood, his subjects were responding to the power of suggestion. o Ways of inducing hypnosis Hypnosis is a voluntary, cooperative social interaction There are no special powers required No one can hypnotize and uncooperative person Believing that one is hypnotized is a big step towards actually being in a state of hypnosis- Uses and limitations o Hypnosis can produce Increased relaxation Better concentration Temporary changes in behavior that sometimes persist beyond the end of the hypnotic state A well-established use of hypnosis is to help a person control and manage pain Some people can undergo dental or medical procedures with hypnosis alone This is a very helpful ability for those who have unfavorable reactions to anesthetic- It will NOT give a person new mental of physical abilities....
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Notes 2-20-08 - - Dj vu o A feeling of uncanny familiarity...

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