Chapter 18 Outline

Chapter 18 Outline - Chapter 18 Outline I. The War's...

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Chapter 18 Outline I. The War’s Aftermath A. Economic Development in the North 1) Civil war reduced the power of the elite southern planters Therefore elevating northern industry captains 2) War-time congress Enacted Republican Agenda a. Morrill Tariff—doubled average level of import duties b. National Banking Act—created uniform system of banking and currency c. Passed legislation confirming the first transcontinental RR would run along N-central route Homestead Act 1862—congress freed federal homesteads of 160 acres to settlers (only had to live there 5 years to gain title) Morrill Land Grant Act—granted 30,000 acres of federal land per member of congress to state to go to colleges for ag and mechanical arts B. Devastation in the South 1) Property values decreased, confederate money was worthless, emancipation wiped out labor system 2) Industries collapsed C. Legally Free, Socially Bound 1) Some northerners wanted to give ex-slaves land from the Confiscation Act of 1862, but it never passed “forty acres and a mule” saying D. The Freedman’s Bureau 1) Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands Created within the War department of congress to provide “provisions, clothing, and fuel to destitute and suffering refugees and freedmen and their wives and children”
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Chapter 18 Outline - Chapter 18 Outline I. The War's...

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