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1 Drugs and Consciousness Psychoactive drugs chemicals that change how you think and feel and usually produces a tolerance using larger and larger doses to experience the same effect. If this happens, quitting will be very difficult because of unpleasant withdrawal effects that indicate a physical dependence and a psychological dependence on the drug. FACTS: Using drugs medically more often doesn’t cause addiction; addiction is not like a disease and can be overcome voluntarily (without therapy) Depressants (drugs that slow and calm neural activity) : Alcohol Impairs judgement and inhibitions and prevents recent events to go into long-term memory. Also, people who are made to believe they are drinking alcohol exhibited less sexual restraints. Barbiturates (tranquilizers) This drug is similar to alcohol because it lowers activity in Sympathetic nervous system. Large doses of barbiturates can cause death. Opiates
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Drugs_and_Consciousness_Psychoactive_drugs - Drugs and...

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