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Unformatted text preview: Ch 9 & 10 Review Susie doesn't understand Chinese well until the words are explained to her . This represents the concept of: Semantic encoding Sally looked back at her Kindergarten picture and it brought back memories of nap time, recess and gum in her hair. The picture served as a : Retrieval cue The order of the three stage processing model of memory are: Sensory Short Term Long Term Sally got drunk and hid her keys. She could not find them until she got drunk again. State-dependent memory Consciously activated, limited capacity Short term memory Sally used to tell stories of leaping tall buildings with a single. She actually was repeating her favorite Superman comic book. Source Amnesia Sally let out a high pitched squeal when learning of her quiz grade. It lasted in our ears for 3-4 seconds Echoic memory Sally met her new boyfriend Arkon, she now can't remember her old boyfriend's phone number Retroactive learning Susie fell from the top of her tree house and could no longer make sense of people's speech. What was damaged? Wernicke's Area Sally as a receptionist does not attract as much attention as compared to Ganglion as a receptionist. Sally best fits the ___________ of a receptionist. prototype Susie can ride a bike even though she hasn't done it in awhile. Why? Implicit memory The teacher told Sally she had a 30% chance of failing so she studied all night. He told Susie she had a 70% chance of passing so she watched Oprah. Why? Framing Effect Smallest sound unit phonemes Smallest unit of meaning morpheme "Dada" "Goo-goo" represent the earliest stage of speech development babbling Sally needs to remember how to tie her shoes so she does it 60 times in a row. What is Sally doing? rehearsal Recalling first and last items Serial position Sally needs to bring paper, pen, and an orange to the test so she remembers this by"POP" What is she using chunking What is the purpose of the angular gyrus? Written word to internal monologue Susie swore she would stop drinking when she went to college. It didn't happen, this represents overconfidence Sally tried to solve an Algebra problem for hours. While she was brushing her teeth it finally came to her. Insight Susie is very smart but can't remember what she had for breakfast. What has been damaged? Hippocampus We often fear swimming in the ocean because of the movie "Jaws" Why? Availability heuristic Sally wanted to write down the number to vote for her favorite American Idol. The number flashed briefly and strangely she could recall most of the numbers Iconic memory Sally forgot her umbrella and soaked while reading her newspaper on the way to the bus. What does Sally suffer from? Functional fixedness Recognizing that some words have more than one meaning demonstrates semantics Sally has blocked all uncomfortable memories from conscious awareness Repression Thinking that Reagan was on the dollar bill would probably be this type of error Encoding This theory states that language that we use affects the way we think Whorf hypothesis "Negative patient outcome" is easier for doctors to say than death. This is an example of a euphemism The Z-man, Z-meister, Z schnizzle, or Zimbardo believes crying is this 1st stage of language Sally and Susie had a wonderful time at the sock hop. However, after they got into an argument they recalled it as very unpleasant experience. What phenomenon has occurred? Memory Reconstruction ...
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