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Unformatted text preview: Review States of Consciousness & Learning Anna snorts and gasps for air throughout the night? Sleep apnea KS has been conditioned to be very "happy" around her boyfriend but not by her little brother. This illustrates the concept of : discrimination VC's therapist told him that he would become very nauseous whenever he touched a cigarette. This illustrates a: Posthypnotic suggestion JW and MD saw Bart throw rocks at cars on the Simpsons. The police found them standing at the bridge....rock in hand Observational learning Dr. Bombay cleaned Susy's skin with rubbing alcohol before giving her some painful shots. Now Susy becomes fearful when she smells rubbing alcohol. What has happened? Classical conditioning Kids learn about the magic of pressing vending machine buttons and getting a snickers. This process illustrates: Operant conditioning Cocaine is to_____as barbituates are to___________ Stimulants ; depressants After flying from New Jersey to San Francisco, Sally's arms were really tired. This would probably cause a disruption in her: Circadian rhythm Negative reinforcers__________frequency of behaviors and punishment_____________ them. Increase; decrease The cognitive or information theory of dreams states: Dreams are recycling the days events and issues Rhythmic bursts of brain activity called sleep spindles occur during this stage of sleep: Stage 2 Mitzy runs every day because she believes it reduces stress. This has become a __________reinforcer. Negative What has the biggest effect on determining if you will become hypnotized? Your expectations(desire) and interpretations of its usefulness This famous study showed how fears can produced as the result of classical conditioning Lil Albert In the study of rats and taste aversion, Garcia and Koelling found that classical conditioning can be limited by: Genetic predispositions for certain tastes Staying up to watch Santa land on your roof is likely to be reinforced on a ___________schedule. Variable-interval Sometimes we learn without realizing it and it shows when we have an incentive presented to us. Tolman called this___________learning latent According to Freud all of the things we REALLY want to reside in this level of consciousness unconscious Gamblers are often hooked because of this reinforcement schedule. Variable-ratio Every 25 minutes Mr. Noland wakes up to check if students are working. The students are reinforced on this schedule Fixed-interval An EEG was attached to Ganglion's head during second period. Although he looked comatose he was not actually asleep. The EEG recorded these types of waves present. alpha The CC crew wear their hats backwards. They do this because all of the cool guys on 90210 do it as well. This illustrates the concept of: Modeling or observational learning Your fear of GoGoMo is this type of response: Conditioned Freud believed if you dreamt of guns in your sleep you were actually dreaming of the male penis. Guns would be the manifest content while the other thing would be the _______content. latent Sally gets out of bed and sleepwalks every night. An EEG would show this type of brain wave: Delta ...
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