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Anthro - Subsistence and Foodways

Anthro - Subsistence and Foodways - ANTHROPOLOGY 22 OCTOBER...

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ANTHROPOLOGY 22 OCTOBER 2007 Subsistence The ways that a culture or group gets their food (the economics and production) Processual term Foodways The ways that cultures/groups get, use, prepare and think about food. Post Processual term Evidence Lots o Animal Bones and plant remains o Pottery (food prep, storage, consumption) o Lithics – food procurement or preparation o On historic sties…glassware, irons, cans, etc. as well as the above Main Forms of Subsistence Economies Hunter Gatherers – foragers. o Get their food as it occurs in the environment. Do not plant things intentionally, nurturing them and stuff. At some point the hunters and gatherers know their land very well, they know their animals what animals the prey like and when the animals are good to kill. I.E. The California Indians knew the deer like fresh grass shoots so they would do burnings and the deer would come in high densities Pastoralists Agriculturists o Hates waiting for the acorns to drop every year.
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