american political system asign #1

american political system asign #1 - Patrick Moore...

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Patrick Moore Professor Preuhs American Political Systems PSCI 1101-100 Summer B 06 June 2007 Assignment 1 Billionaires, sport stars, and lobbyists are receiving huge amounts of farm subsidies from the government. Many see that this is unfair because the rich farmers are getting huge amount of breaks from the government, while the poorer people of the farm community are not receiving the substantial amount of breaks. The rich who are getting the subsidies include Texas oil billionaire Lee M. Bass all the way to former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen. Senate Agricultural Committee Chairman Tom Harkin believes that from the data provided by the USDA that it will be harder to defend the status quo of big payments, and that there positions will be strictly weakened. Factors of the American Creed will play a factor if the new multi-million dollar farm bill is considered. It plays a role in equality because if citizens want to have a sense of equality, they want to think that more than just the rich can benefit from the farm bill. The current farm bill is mainly benefiting the bigger farms. The current farm bill that
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american political system asign #1 - Patrick Moore...

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