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Health Notes

Health Notes - o Anxiety ← Mediators of the Stress...

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Health Notes 04/09/2007 13:07:00 What is stress? Stress is the general state The Stress Response A series of physiological changes that occur in the body, based upon a  stressor (fight or flight response) All animals, including humans have ability to respond o emergencies deemed  as dangerous The  ANS (autonomic nervous system)  is triggered via the sympathetic  branch to activate the body’s organs to respond toward the possible threat Parasympathetic-relax Symptoms of Stress Researchers have concluded that every system in he body can be damaged  by stress Sress can affect several of the major body systems listed below: o Immune System o Cardiovascular system o Gastrointestinal System
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Unformatted text preview: o Anxiety ← Mediators of the Stress Response • Different people respond differently to stressors • Factors with affect these responses could be past experiences and overall level of wellness • Other critical areas include: personality factors, cognitive factors, resilience and hardiness o Type A personalities: Impulsive, outgoing, impatient, time oriented, aggressive, set unrealistic goals, and are easily bored o Type B personalities: Easy going, laid back, less obsessed with time and competition o Type C personalities: Supress emotions, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness 04/09/2007 13:07:00 ← 04/09/2007 13:07:00 ←...
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Health Notes - o Anxiety ← Mediators of the Stress...

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