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History 2112 notes #1 - TA = Jason Manthorne Film...

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TA = Jason Manthorne Film Showtimes: “The Grapes of Wrath”: Wed 2/13 6:30 SLC 150 Mon 2/18 6:30 SLC 150 Try to think of: who is to blame/who is the bad guy: law enforcement, government, banks, etc.? Review for Midterm: Tues 2/19 6:30 LeConte 221 (middle of main floor) Read that retarded thing about progressivism on the new Georgia encyclopedia website Slavery I) Northerners were afraid of competition for cheap labor II) Antebellum period A) Agricultural economy brought on and driven by slavery which defined the south B) The north was modernizing and moving towards commercialism and industrialism 1) Northeast trading centers; transportation III) Geographical expansion A) 1840s = Mexican war over Texas B) Causes sectional divisions 1) Potential states were decided to enter/not enter the union based on status as free or slave state. IV)Lincoln’s election divided the Republican party V) All of these lead to the secession of the 1860s A) 1 st wave = 7 states = GA, TX, SC, AL, LA, FL, MS B) Mid 1862 = Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation C) Preservation of the Union was the stated cause of the war; however, slavery was the real cause. D) War = revolution VI)At the end of the war: A) Slavery was abolished B) States’ Rights Doctrine 1) More powerful federal government 2) Power over individuals C) Social/economic revolution 1) Puts the north in a more dominant position D) Settled issues that dominated 19 th century politics 1) New topics such as industry, labor, expansion, railroads, etc. Reconstruction 1863-1877
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I) Presidential reconstruction (Lincoln/Johnson) A) General amnesty B) Quick return of southerners to congress C) Limited suffrage for blacks II) Radical congressional reconstruction (1866-67) A) Series of legislative actions 1) Military occupation (5 districts) 2) Freedman’s Bureau and other aid to blacks (a) Enfranchising black males in order to keep white southern democrats out of congress (b) Disfranchising some southern whites 3) Required black suffrage in new state constitutions B) The north is mad because the south doesn’t seem particularly sorry for bringing on the war C) The north doesn’t want the south to send the same people that formerly led the south in congress D) So they made the terms being readmitted harsher E) 3/5 compromise 1) Once slavery is eliminated, blacks represent a whole person instead of only 3/5 III) Need a smooth transition for the southern states to restore their place in the union A) Most southern whites were restored with full citizens’ rights B) Only token blacks were given full citizens’ rights C) Women were still not in the picture for either race D) LA, AR, and TN were occupied E) White House tries to send the idea that rejoining the union is not surrendering F) Lincoln’s death was a blow to the south as well as the north IV)Andrew Johnson A) Confederate, white supremacist, southern democrat B) Grew up poor, illiterate C) Moves up the political ladder during the antebellum period D) Only senator to keep his seat in congress
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History 2112 notes #1 - TA = Jason Manthorne Film...

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