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Michael Glamore September 21, 2005 Homework Set # 2
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1) Red - using about 0.2 for x creating a GaP 0.2 As 0.8 would allow for a band gap around that to create red color Yellow - using .7 for x creating GaP 0.7 As 0.3 Green – It looks as though pure Phosphorus has a band gap at 2.3 eV therefore creating green light. The formula would be GaP 1 As 0 . It is not possible to produce blue light because the band gap seems to hit a relative maximum at 2.25eV. Blue needs the output of more energy at a higher frequency and lower wavelength. This particular material is not able to output energy in that specific band with. 2) Solar cell B has to be above Solar cell A. Solar cell B is going to take all of the light above 2eV then allowing Solar cell A to get the light from 1eV to 2eV. If Solar cell A were on top, Solar cell B would get no light that it had the ability to absorb because all the light it received would be under 1eV. 3) A) Electrons in the conduction band should allow for easy movement of electrons. If it has a fairly “friction” free crystal lattice structure, the mobility should be good enough to create a great conductor of electricity. The lot of movement by B) With no electrons in the conduction band the solid would not be able to generate
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Nano-ProblemSet2 - Michael Glamore Homework Set 2 1 Red...

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