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Midterm Exam Study Guide

Midterm Exam Study Guide - 1 Binding Spells Curse Tablets...

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Binding Spells/ Curse Tablets - written on lead (lead is associated with the underworld) - competitive tablets o curse on opponent o usually for a chariot race, business owner - Judicial curses o Cursing a prosecutor who could potentially win a case against you o Plea for justice or revenge - protective amulets o work in a similar way to curse tablets - erotic curses o make someone fall back in love or come back o hetero and homosexual tablets o bind mentally and physically o figurines: often made of clay or wax, can do different things to them (bury, pierce with pins) - Theocritus o Hellenistic poet, based in Egypt, very educated o Idyll 2 – erotic spell in a poem Woman is going to bind her former lover to make him come back to her Stage I --- ingredients, sacrifice, Hecate Stage II --- turns something to make Delphis turn back to her Stage III --- homeopathic and contagious magic Refrain between each stage addressed to Iynx Wry neck bird, nymph with the power to make Zeus fall in love at will Roman Magic - Twelve Tables (451 bc) o Earliest Roman law code, civil and criminal law o Not allowed to cast a harmful spell on anyone - Cornelian Law on Assassins and Poisoners (81 bc) o Sulla passes a law against magic o As Sulla increased the power of the Senate, he wanted legislation to protect the Senate from magical attack o Assassins: brought to public trial and able to defend himself o Poisoners: ambiguous, magic or malicious, had to prove original intent o **lays foundation for how to deal legally with witchcraft and magic - Bacchich Mysteries (186 bc) o Cult of Bacchus --- celebrations, wine, frenzy, feasting o One account from Livy o Rumor begin to circulate about crimes being committed by this cult o If someone refuses to participate in the trial, they are murdered o Members are huge in number and very high in society o Story is brought before the senate No longer in secret Guards prevented the members from leaving Rome o **set a precedent for later European and Salem witch trials - Catullus (poet) o Argued that magus was the product of incest between a mother and son - Virgil (author) o “Eclogue o uses the adjective ‘magicus’ freely o draws from previous authors (Theocritus) o ‘lycanthropy’ --- ability of men to transform into wolves - Horace o ‘Incantation to Camidia’ using a young boy’s entrails to perform erotic magic incubus --- will sit on her chest while she sleeps succubus --- rival in love o “Satire 18” 1
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satirical portrayal of Camidia Priapus (narrator) is a crow- like figure **lighthearted attitude towards magic - Augustus (31 bce – 14 ce) o Architect of the roman state o Deported Roman magus because they were a source of concern o 9 C.E. earliest case of Roman magic
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Midterm Exam Study Guide - 1 Binding Spells Curse Tablets...

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