Chapter 23 - Sinn Fein (ourselves alone): The extremist...

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Sinn Fein (ourselves alone): The extremist organization gained leadership in the nationalist army. Declared Irish independence.|Gandhi: led the drive for independence. Used the tactic of civil disobedience, to promote sympathy for his cause.|Weimar Republic: a model liberal democracy.| Sergei Eisenstein: Filmmaker projected nations self-image in creative ways. Russia pictures from Russians point of view.| Bauhaus: School of art in Germany, made new standard for new architecture.|Spengler’s Decline of the West : all civilizations were like biological organisms, each with its own life cycle. West civ. Has passed its high point.|Fascism(unity, and justice) meant dictatorship by charismatic leader, antidemocratic, anti- individualistic, anticommunist.|Mussolini:organized unemployed veterans into National Fascist Party, gained support to bring down Italy’s parliamentary government .|Corporate State: organized by fascists put industries and trades into corporations.Democracy failed in Europe b/c of lack of experience w/ it and the strength of these conservative groups made nations vulnerable to authoritarian men.|NEP:New Economic Policy allowed peasants to manage their own land and sell their own crops. Small scales industries could work under private ownership.|USSR:Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.|People assumes that Trotsky would win against Lenin.|Stalin was appointed by Lenin to lead the NEP. He claimed a middle of the road position, but believed that Russia must survive alone “socialism in one country”|Five Year Plan: goals; growthin industrial production, increasing the generation of electric power, building 1500 new factories.| Collectivization:doubling agricultural production, consolidating lands into huge collective farms that used modern machines.|Leonid Nikolayev assassinated Sergei Kirov a high Soviet official. Incident introduced long period of party purges, marked by terror. .|30 mill people out of work in great depression.|John Maynard Keynes: wanted policies, more gov. expenditures to raise employment.| Mein Kampf: Hitler, while in prison wrote a work that formed Nazi doctrine.| SA: stormtroopers, organized by Hitler.|Beer Hall Putsch: from munich the Nazis marched on the local government.| Lebensraun. . living space|Enabling act: Hitler power to make laws on his own for four years. |“Night of the long knives”eliminated potential opponents to Hitler within the party and the SA as rival.| Triumph of the Will documentary filmshowed Nazis and Hitler as inspiring.|Kristallnacht crystal night, troops attacked Jews killing dozens and imprisoning tens of thousands in camps.| Hitler loved ww1 and was so excited about it! “The greatest of all experiences”blamed Jews and Marxists“stabbed them in the back”for Germany defeated. Hitler joined German Worker’s Party and rose to leadership renamed it National Socialist German Worker’s Party aka
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Chapter 23 - Sinn Fein (ourselves alone): The extremist...

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