What is the Food Problem

What is the Food Problem - LDCs that have experienced...

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Bethany Hodge EEP 260 What is the Food Problem? A) Define chronic food insecurity, discuss 4 of its underlying causes, and identify the primary causes of chronic food insecurity. Chronic food insecurity is hunger that leads to malnutrition. The four underlying causes of chronic food insecurity are poverty, health care, environmental conditions, and economic conditions with the primary cause being poverty. B) Define acute food insecurity and discuss 4 events that may cause/trigger acute food insecurity. Acute food insecurity is where people rapidly lose access to food and this turns into famines. Four events that cause acute food insecurity are drought, floods/tsunami, civil wars/refugees, and government policies. C) Define famine, discuss its major cause, give 3 examples of
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Unformatted text preview: LDCs that have experienced famine, and identify the cause of famine in each of these countries. Famine is extreme food shortage. If its not addressed it will result in acute hunger, emaciation, and death. Famine is caused by, drought, flooding, disease, pests, and AIDS. Colonial India has experienced famine because of colonial neglect. Sudan experienced famine caused by the civil war. North Korea experienced famine because the government restricted food distrabution. D) Today, what is the most important food problem-chronic food insecurity, acute food insecurity, or famine? Explain why this is the most important problem. Chronic food insecurity is the most important food problem because it is the one that people struggle with most in LCDs....
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What is the Food Problem - LDCs that have experienced...

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