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Interpretative Flexibility and the Ivory Billed Woodpecker On April 28, 2005 the director of Cornell University Lab for Ornithology, John Fitzpatrick at the HQ of the Dept of Interior and flanked by two Cabinet Secretaries announced to the world that the long thought to be extinct Ivory Billed Wood Pecker was actually alive and well in a swamp in Arkansas. The discovery was of such magnitude that it was nearly announced by Laura Bush from the Whitehouse. This discovery made all the major news media around the world. People reacted dramatically to the news. They have many e-mails at the lab for Ornithology from people telling them of the meaning of this discovery to them. One woman who heard the story on NPR had to stop her car on the highway because she burst into tears at the announcement! This bird, as I’m sure you know is iconic. Not only is it a magnificent bird but it once was a common inhabitant of the great southern forests that were destroyed after the civil war. It has a special poignancy for North South relations in the US because it was Northern lumber and industrial interests that destroyed the southern forests. As the Ivory Bill’s habitat shrank so too did numbers of the bird. Ornithologists realized it was shrinking and in one of the saddest parts of the story the remaining birds were shot in
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