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personal reflex - Greg Lim 2/3/2008 Personal Reaction Paper...

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Greg Lim 2/3/2008 Personal Reaction Paper #1 TA: Chris Dean Virtually all jobs require one to think and behave in an ethical manner. This means that one must consider and conform to society’s accepted principles of right and wrong. However, not all jobs present the same opportunities for ethical abuses. For instance, managers because of their position have the ability to control all aspects of a company from employees to products. Because of the responsibilities and powers placed upon managers, they can easily be tempted to act contrary to ethics through their abuse of power, abuse of information, abuse of influence, and by setting unrealistic goals. Abuse of authority and power is most obvious way in which a manager could act unethically. Managers are often in a position where they control company resources and can make financial decisions that impact their company dramatically. For instance, very often in the business world it is necessary to take a prospective client out to dinner in order to receive their business. However, it is also possible for a manager to say he is taking an attractive female client out to a “business” dinner when in reality he is taking a prospective girlfriend out for a date at the companies expense. Also, managers could funnel company funds to pay for fancy cars or jewelry that are for their own personal gain. Additionally, because of their position of power, managers can unethically force employees to do activities that are not in their job description such as running personal errands for the manager. Managers are at the crossroads of information at a company. It is their responsibility to collect, analyze, act on, and to distribute information provided to them. Other members of the company expect managers to be completely truthful with them in regards to distributing information and also maintain confidentiality about personal information and confidential
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company secrets. Acting ethically in regards to information is essential for managers because they could actually tell others anything they pleased with virtually no one looking over their shoulder to check the information’s accuracy. Examples of this would include reporting inaccurate profits or losses, failing to tell employees about impending downsizing, leaking company secrets, and also revealing employees personal information. Because of their position of power, managers can force others to behave unethically. Managers can force an employee to perform an unethical act by stating that if the employee does not comply, that employee could easily be replaced by one that would comply. This puts the employee in a very precarious position. They have the choice of compromising their own personal ethics to keep their job or to stand by their ethics and be fired for doing so. According to studies, when employees are presented with this type of situation, they will
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personal reflex - Greg Lim 2/3/2008 Personal Reaction Paper...

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