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Test 1A with Solutions - PAM 380 Test 1A Spring 2008 There...

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PAM 380 Test 1A Spring 2008 There are 44 questions on this test. Answer only 40 questions. If you answer all the questions, only the first 40 will be counted. Place all answers on the answer sheet. Put your name and answers on the answer sheet provided. Matching 1. sexuality is often viewed as a spiritual act b a. Zuni 2. matrilineal culture in which women select sex partners l b. India 3. uncovered thighs are considered sexually suggestive, j c. Zulu 4. incest taboo established by ceremonial figures a d. Sweden 5. polyandrous k e. Somalia f. Vietnam g. Wodaabe h. Iran i. Borneo j. Tanzania k. Nepal l. Musuo m. Ndebele 6. Which of the following would NOT be a contributing factor to increasing rates of HIV infection in China? a. China has eased its control over individual lifestyle choices over the past two decades. b. Increased sexual activity at younger ages. c. Better reporting of HIV statistics. d. The decline of Communism. 7. Which of the following is true regarding Islamic beliefs about polygamy? a. Polygamy did not exist prior to Islam. b. War led to disproportionate numbers of women, so polygamy provided husbands for widows or orphans. c. The Quran prohibits polygamy. d. A Muslim man is allowed to have as many wives as he wishes. 8. All of the following are characteristic of sexuality in China EXCEPT a. Many men do not know that a woman has a clitoris. b. Most married women view procreation as the reason for sex. c. Adolescents and young adults are more sexually active than in the United States. d. Little or no sex education exists in schools. 9. Since case study evidence demonstrates that rapists often report high exposure to sexually violent pornography, we can conclude that a. viewing violent pornography causes men to rape women. b. there might be an association between the exposure to violent pornography and rape. c. the rapists were sexually abused themselves as children.
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d. more legislation banning pornography should be passed. 10. Most of our scientific information about human sexuality has been obtained through a. case studies. b . surveys. c. direct observation. d. experimental research. 11. Which of the following studies has given us the greatest amount of information regarding ethnicity and sexual behavior? a. the Kinsey Studies b. c. the NHSLS studies d. research done at private universities 12. The penile strain gauge and the vaginal photoplethysmograph both measure a. strength of muscle contraction. b. galvanic skin response. c. body temperature in the genitals. d. blood flow/volume to the genitals. 13. Which of the following statements regarding circumcision is false? a. Historically, records indicate that circumcision has taken place for thousands of years. b.
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Test 1A with Solutions - PAM 380 Test 1A Spring 2008 There...

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