Chapter 11 health test

Chapter 11 health test - Question 1 0 of 1 points The major...

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Question 1 0 of 1 points The major health related components of physical fitness include Selected Answer: muscular strength and endurance. Question 2 1 of 1 points _______ is defined as any bodily movement that is produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles and that substantially requires energy expenditure. Selected Answer: Physical activity Question 3 1 of 1 points A disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue is Selected Answer: osteoporosis. Question 4 1 of 1 points Regular aerobic activity improves the efficiency of the heart by Selected Answer: increasing the amount of blood pumped with each heartbeat. Question 5 1 of 1 points Regular physical activity has been linked to all of the following except: Selected Answer: lower life expectancies. Question 6 0 of 1 points After exercise bouts lasting longer than 30 minutes, white blood cells may remain elevated for how long before returning to normal levels? Selected Answer: 2 to 3 hours Question 7 1 of 1 points The force exerted by blood against blood vessel walls, generated by the pumping action of the heart is Selected Answer: blood pressure. Question 8 1 of 1 points Exercise can reduce levels of this "bad cholesterol." Selected Answer: LDLs Question 9 1 of 1 points
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The term aerobic capacity is used to describe Selected Answer: the maximum volume of oxygen consumed by the muscles during exercise. Question 10 1 of 1 points The target heart rate is defined as Selected Answer: a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Question 11 0 of 1 points Tasha is 20 years old and wants to find her 60 percent target heart rate. This calculation would equal Selected Answer: 200 beats per minute Question 12 1 of 1 points Flexibility refers to Selected Answer: the measure of the range of motion, or the amount of movements possible, at a particular joint. Question
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Chapter 11 health test - Question 1 0 of 1 points The major...

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