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1) Tetrad – the four haploid nucliuie resulting from a mitotic division ascus - where meiosis occurs in fungus, separates the tetrads ascospore - cell wall surrounding the cell after division 2) Why use tetrad analysis? determine if crossing over has occurred, see if genes are linked and map locations of genes 3) spores are haploid, 0 pairs 4) zygote is the only diploid stage in the life cycle
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Unformatted text preview: 5) spore color is studied, because haploid the allele is always expressed. gray, tan, black, colorless 6) intrastern mating- within, gives entirely one color interstern mating – two colors given 7) only 4 recombinants are possible, 4 to 4 gives no recombinants. 8) 4 recombinants in 2:2:2:2...
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