Kruckenberg v Harvey

Kruckenberg v Harvey - Kruckenberg v Harvey Facts In 1982...

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Kruckenberg v. Harvey Facts: In 1982, Harvey excavated a drainage ditch along what he assumed to be the northern border of his property, which adjoined Czyzewski's property. Czyzewski filed suit, alleging that the excavation "caused the line fence between plaintiff and defendant to collapse" and that the excavation was a breach of Harvey's duty to "maintain a line fence." The complaint further alleged that the excavation breached Harvey's duty for lateral support, lowered the water level on Czyzewski's property and caused erosion. The parties resolved the dispute by a stipulation. Harvey agreed to pay $1500 in damages and to plant rye grass along the drainage ditch. The parties further agreed that the action would be dismissed "on its merits." The circuit court acknowledged the stipulation, ordered Harvey to plant rye grass "when the weather permits" and dismissed the matter "on its merits" in April 1983. Kruckenberg, without knowledge of the lawsuit between Harvey and Czyzewski, purchased the property shortly after the lawsuit settled. In 2001,
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