Lecture_2.1_Psychrometry - AE202 Name______________________...

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Unformatted text preview: AE202 Name______________________ Lecture 2.1 Psychrometry Date_______________________ Reading: MEEB (10 th Edition) Section 8.12 Psychrometry Definition Psychrometric Chart 1. Dry Bulb T db air temperature 2. Wet Bulb T wb temperature of wet bulb thermometer 3. Saturation Line Points at which air cannot hold additional moisture 4. Relative Humidity (%) At a specific temperature, the amount of moisture in the air as a percentage of the maximum or saturation amount 5. Dew Point (F) Given a psychrometric condition (T db , T wb ), the temperature (lower) at which dew will form 6. Specific Volume (v) The reciprocal of density (ft 3 /lb) 7. Humidity Ratio (W) (lb/lb) Amount of moisture by weight within a given weight of air 8. Enthalpy (h) (BTU/lb) Total heat (sensible and latent) in the air-moisture mixture Problem 1-5 Find the properties of room air at 70F, 50% RH [show units] 1. Wet Bulb temperature ___________________ [ ] 2. Humidity Ratio ________________________ [ ] 3. Specific Volume 3....
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Lecture_2.1_Psychrometry - AE202 Name______________________...

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