Lecture_2.2_Thermal_Environment - AE202 Thermal Environment

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Unformatted text preview: AE202 Thermal Environment Name_________________ Section 2.2 Date__________________ Reading: MEEB (10 th Edition Chapter 4) References o Flynn Architectural Interior Systems o Fanger Thermal Comfort o ASHRAE Standard 55 1981 Definitions o Thermal Environment Environmental factors which effect a persons______________________ o Thermal Comfort ___________________________________________________________ Depends on: o o o o o Activity o Duration People Heat machine with poor efficiency (i.e. most, if not all, of the energy input is turned into heat. Best at 20%) o Food o Body o Metabolism Bodys Temperature Regulation What are the modes of heat transfer? o Convection - By air movement o Conduction - Requires contact o Radiation - Continuous emission of electro-magnetic waves Hot Cold o Bodys Temperature Regulation o Balance S = M ( W) E R C o At steady activity level Generally speaking o % Convection o % Radiation o % Evaporation H E d E sw E re...
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Lecture_2.2_Thermal_Environment - AE202 Thermal Environment

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