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Moses D. F. Ling 2007© 1 AE202 Lecture 9.2 Fire Suppression I Annotation Water for Fire Suppression o Cost – _____________ o Available o Removes 970 BTU/lb to vaporize o Volumetric expansion Types of water suppression I. Standpipe - Puts water at the location it is needed II.Sprinkler – Puts water on the fire Governing codes o IBC - ____________________________ o NFPA 14 - ________________________ Purpose First aid hoses (1 ½”) o To be used by building occupants until fire department arrives Second aid hoses and valves (2 ½”) o For use by firemen to fight the fire within the building o When fire fighting from the street is unfeasible o Brings water into the building where it is needed Where required o When highest floor is greater than 30 feet above the fire department’s vehicle access o When any area within the building is greater than 400 feet from the fire department’s vehicle access Type of system Wet standpipe o Water pressure maintained all the time Dry standpipe o Permanent water connection does not exist o Not recommended
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