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news hole – the amount of space left for ads compared to the amout of space for editorial. There is a high concentration of ads and a not proportional concentration of media. Significance – ads are taking over and there is less editorial space available. % of all advertising $ spent on TV – 4.8% on cable television and 18.6%on broadcast television. propaganda – ‘ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause’ trying to persuade people to think in a certain way either for a certain cause or against a certain cause. Significance – trying to change peoples opinions about a cause. Torches of Freedom – What cigarettes were referred to when talking about women. Significance - it was a way to target women as a consumer for cigarettes when women were a new interest for the product. It was a way of understanding what cigarettes symbolized to women. consumer culture -advertising is not a part of culture it is culture. Advertising shapes everything about culture, it is everywhere and we cannot escape it patent medicines – fake medicine that had no effect. Placebo in a way. Significance advertisers were not selling safe or truthful products and outside forces stepped in to change this. Putting a control on products being advertised. borrowed interest - Personify something that is otherwise unexciting with a character, story, etc. Significance : Finding something exciting, and attaching it to something unexciting, thus making the unexciting thing exciting. parity products - The other products out there that pretty much do the same thing as another product (one breakfast cereal w/ sugar & grain in it is basically the same as any – B/c they’re all basically the same, you need a “unique selling proposition” to advertise (ie. your product is advertised so that some sort of unique quality is promoted to differentiate your product from competitors’; this could be demonstrated on TV and reinforced in print) psychographics – a way of audience segmentation that splits people up according to psychological traits like beliefs and morals. Significance – another way to pinpoint a target audience and decide how best to get their attention. market segmentation – identifying segments of the market with similar wants and needs by using geographics, psychographics and demographics. Significance – can create a ‘custom’ way of advertising to different audiences. Can create a brand that will identify with the target. Can more effectively target the consumers by breaking them down. Maslow’s hierarchy - or needs/ Abraham Maslow/ Physiological-Safety-Belonging- Esteem-Self Actualization 1
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AIDA – Attention Interest Desire Action. Significance - These steps must be followed by advertisers in order to be successful in their attempt to create Action. CPM
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Study_Guide_Exam_2_Revised - news hole the amount of space...

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