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cj220_quiz1_review - drawbacks of each approach • What if...

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Courts Review for Quiz One Overview of courts How many Supreme Court Justices are there? Who are they? How does a case progress from arrest to appeal? Compare and contrast due process with the crime control model. Mays and Gregware Ch. 1 How does the public view the courts? In what ways is the public ignorant of the courts? In what ways could courts (or court-public relations) be improved? Mays and Gregware Ch 2 Why should the public be more informed about the courts? What are the benefits and drawbacks of cameras in the courtroom? Who are the actors in the courthouse? Describe the crime control and due process models? What are the benefits and
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Unformatted text preview: drawbacks of each approach? • What if we reverted to a system that did not allow pleas and required full formal proceedings, including jury trials? Court Myths Mays and Gregware Ch 3 • What are the techniques that shape how crime and the criminal justice system are portrayed in the media? • What are the positive court myths? • What are the negative court myths? Federal and State Organization of courts and their functions • Describe the structure of the federal courts, and the Pennsylvania Court system? • What kinds of cases does each court handle?...
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