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cj_220_review_2 - prosecute 2 Which are the most prominent...

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Courts Review for Quiz 2 Mays and Gregware Ch 5 1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of plea bargaining? 2. What are some problems with defining plea bargaining? 3. What are the different kinds of non-negotiated guilty pleas? 4. What is nol pros? Mays and Gregware Ch 6 1. What would happen if plea bargaining were eliminated? Mays and Gregware Ch 7 1. What is a de novo trial? 2. Are they better than using appeals? The Decision to Prosecute 1. What are all of the different factors that influence a prosecutor’s decision to
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Unformatted text preview: prosecute? 2. Which are the most prominent? Neubauer Ch 10 1. Describe in detail the processing of criminals. 2. Why would defendants waive the preliminary hearing? Neubauer Ch 14 1. Describe the trial process in detail. 2. What are the rules/constitutional issues about juries? 3. What states do not require unanimous juries? 4. What ways can the courts reduce juror bias?...
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