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PENN STATE ALTOONA CRIMINAL JUSTICE CRIMJ 210 AMERICAN POLICING SPRING 2008 Professor: Dr. Michael L. Arter Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 – 12:00 Office: 101F Cypress Wednesday 2:00 – 4:00 Office Phone: 949-5649 Thursday 10:00 – 12:00 Email: [email protected] (Other times by appointment) COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will focus on providing an understanding of the history, function, and role of policing in American society. American policing will be examined to consider the relationship between police officers, policing organizations, the criminal justice system, the public being served, and society at large. We will incorporate information and theory with practical real world examples in order to better understand the complex responsibilities of law enforcement professionals. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Students will recognize and apply fundamental law enforcement concepts, theories, and organizational philosophies to real-world situations. 2. Students will broaden and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the multitude of issues impacting policing in America at the individual, societal, and organizational levels. 3. Students will demonstrate their ability to think critically about the relationship between policing and American culture, including, but not limited to, issues regarding race, ethnic origin, social class, gender, age, sexuality, and disability. 4. Students will engage in a community service/practical experience project in order to develop a real world understanding of issues impacting specific populations and the general public, as well as the policing agencies which service those populations. 5. It is intended for students to explore their own morality and personal ethics when considering the issues under examination in this course and communicate their understanding, thoughts and insights, both verbally and in writing. . Each of these objectives will be assessed through a combination of formal and informal measures including examinations, individual participation and class discussions, student journals, writing assignments, group projects and student initiated inquiry.
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REQUIRED TEXT: The required text for this course is Policing America: Methods, Issues, Challenges (5 th ed), by Kenneth J. Peak (2005). Supplemental readings will be announced during class, and will be made available on ANGEL or other resource media. GRADING POLICY: Grades for this course will be based on a cumulative point system, derived from examinations, class participation, student journals, quizzes, writing assignments, and the service/group project. Assessment criteria and point values are as follows: Examinations (50% of final grade) : There will be three (3) examinations covering the materials presented in this course. Each exam is worth 100 points. Additionally, the cumulative final is worth 200 points. The format for each examination will be discussed in detail during a class prior to the date of the examination. In the event a student misses an examination, it will be the student’s responsibility to arrange for a make up
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