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Busienss Marketing Homework 1 - Josh Kelly Business...

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Josh Kelly Business Marketing Homework 9/20/2007 Chapter 1 Pg 21 3. The reason that the four marketing mix elements are considered variables is because they can change. These “variables” are set forth to be centered around the customer so the parts of that compose each can be changed and edited to benefit the customer. The four variables of the Marketing Mix: (A) Product (B) Price (C) Promotion (D) Distribution 6. The basic gist of the marketing concept is a philosophy that an organization should try to satisfy customer’s needs through coordinated set of activities that also allows the organization to achieve its goals. Every business in our area should use this if they want to be successful. These are philosophies that have been set forth to help a business know what its customer wants and how they can succeed by making the customer happy and if they do this then they will sell more product which will boost revenue and profits for the organization. Pg 22 2. Identify Target Markets for… (A) Kellogg’s Corn Flakes- the target market for this product would most likely be a child or middle aged person. The reason being because these people probably eat most of the cereal eating in today’s market. (B) Wilson Tennis Racket- Obviously this market is to a tennis player, or a person who is involved with the tennis industry. (C) Skating Rink- This would be to a hockey player or figure skater, any person who has something to do with an industry that involves ice skates. Hockey Players would probably be the biggest industry. During the winter alto of families and friends like to get together and skate for a good time to relax and visit with loved ones. (d) Campus Bookstore- The target market for this would be any student or teacher at a university; they will have books and products that would appeal to students and teachers that go to a university/college.
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Finagle a Bagel 1. Their marketing mix is to involve the employees and customers as
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Busienss Marketing Homework 1 - Josh Kelly Business...

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