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ENG 102 Langston Hughes Poetry Essay

ENG 102 Langston Hughes Poetry Essay - Kelly1 Josh Kelly...

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Kelly1 Josh Kelly Jean Tidd English 102 11 March 2007 How Life Affected Langston Hughes’ Poetry Langston Hughes was a very significant poet of his time. He was born in Joplin, Missouri in 1902. The year that he was born was very important and it had a great affect on his poetry in the years to come. Langston Hughes was born during a period of time in America called the Harlem Renaissance . In the early 1900s, especially in the 1920s, African-American music, dance, art, and literature began to flourish in Harlem, a section of New York City. This African-American cultural movement became known as "The New Negro Movement" and then later it was named The Harlem Renaissance. More than just a literary movement, the Harlem Renaissance showed the rest of New York City the unique culture of African-Americans. This time redefined African-American expression or art, literature, and how African-Americans celebrated openly their heritage (Gale). The Harlem Renaissance was the single biggest contributor to Hughes’ poetry. He was in his 20`s when the movement was at its peak. This means that during this time he could express his feelings and emotions more openly than if he lived before this movement. This also was a time when the African-American people were very in touch with where they came from, and how proud they were of there cultural roots in Africa. One of the poems is entitled Let America Be American Again. This is a classic piece of poetry that shows exactly how proud the African-Americans were of their heritage. This poem makes reference to African peoples and incorporates pieces of American history into the poem. In this poem there were two parts that were really
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