Short Stories essay - Josh Kelly Jean Tidd English 102...

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Josh Kelly Jean Tidd English 102 Short Stories Essay 5/14/2007 Over the past year we have read many stories for class. Overall, the entirety of the book DOUBLETAKES was not appealing to me. The stories were very in depth, talked mostly about death and tragedy. There was not a lot of happiness in any of the stories that we read. The stories talked about war, murder, divorce, stealing, and other things that are not very pleasant to talk about. This book dealt with a lot of issues, and other books might not want to talk or deal with. There was one story that I especially did not like. It was the story that dealt with “Peed Onc” which is Pediatric Oncology. In this story, there was a mother who discovered a blood clot in her young songs diaper. This story used a lot of imagery as you read the story there was a lot of instances when you read the words and could picture what the words were saying in your mind. “What is this thing startling against the white diaper like a mouse heart, packed in snow.” This discovery leads to the diagnosis of a Tumor. A child tumor in a kidney, they had surgery and removed the diseased kidney. This is how the parents were first introduced to “Peed Onc.” While the surgery is taking place, the parents are waiting in the Tiny Tim Lounge with all the other anxious parents waiting to hear their child’s fate. In this story each person is named by their relationship with their mother and by their profession. Baby, Husband, Anesthesiologist, etc.
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Short Stories essay - Josh Kelly Jean Tidd English 102...

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