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Aristotle Objection - Troutman 1 Blake Troutman Philosophy...

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Troutman 1 Blake Troutman Philosophy Ethics Aristotle Objection 06 February 2008 Importance of Money In Aristotle’s famous book of ethics, Aristotle talks about how money is an ingredient to being happy. I agree that money is indeed an ingredient to living a flourishing life, but one could argue that in present time’s money is everything to happiness. They would argue that money was not as much of an issue back then as it is in current times. During the 21 st century money literally gets you everything, security, promise of a good life, the ability of mobility, and no financial worries about moment to moment life. In Aristotle’s writings of Nicomachean Ethics he discusses the importance of being what he describes as the most complete good. He first tries to find the true meaning of good. He describes it as something that corresponds to a feeling of happiness. In order to figure out Aristotle’s stance on achieving happiness the writings involved in his book must be examined through the stand point of modern human beings. Aristotle discusses several pieces to this tricky puzzle when finding someone’s particular sense of happiness. Aristotle questions several major characteristics of pleasure, honor, and virtue. “Some take it to be one thing, others another. Indeed, the same person often changes his mind; for when he has fallen ill, he thinks happiness is health, and when he has fallen into poverty, he thinks it is wealth”(Page 3 1094a 24). He concludes that these do not define happiness to the fullest extent, but just hit the outer
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Troutman 2 edges of the true meaning of absolute happiness through your entire life. Happiness is not determined through a moment to moment of different, happenings but determined through your entirety of life, this in addition is known as eudaimonia also known as a “flourishing in life” according to Aristotle. This particular philosopher then decides that all these things, if balanced together, create an ultimate happiness. Although he believes that everything incorporated together achieves absolute happiness he considers the characteristic of virtue as being the most significant. Throughout Aristotle’s book of Nicomachean Ethics
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Aristotle Objection - Troutman 1 Blake Troutman Philosophy...

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