Andrey Young Analysis

Andrey Young Analysis - Troutman 1 Blake Troutman Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: Troutman 1 Blake Troutman Chapter Analysis Modern US Diplomacy 12 February 2008 Chapter 2: Civil Rights in a Global Context 1961-1969 In the past century a lot has changed to the shape of the United States how it is today . A majority of this modification can be attributed to the effort of a man named Andrew Young . His dealings with Civil Rights in the United States as well as his work abroad has, helped his dream of equality throughout the world a reality . In the writing of Andrew Young, Civil Rights Ambassador, Andrew DeRoche discusses the importance of Andrew Youngs involvement of introducing the importance of civil rights as a global movement for freedom and justice everywhere . Young, who was primarily involved in the church, left his position as pastor in 1961 to work with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference also known as the SCLC which was an essential ingredient to the fight against racism and inequality . This group as well as a couple others had the initiative of being non-violent against attackers and anti-supporters of war . The SCLC helped in great deal formulates marches and gatherings for their outlook to be recognized on their fight against segregation . Young became a trusted aide to Martin Luther King Jr . and they developed into great friends in the end . King and Young went through a lot of exertion to deal with this issue of segregation , and this book helps prove the turmoil all of the African Americans went Troutman 2 through . On the night of June 9, Young led another march into the Old Slave Market, and were again battered to the pavement by Klansmen wielding blackjacks...
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Andrey Young Analysis - Troutman 1 Blake Troutman Chapter...

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