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Extraordinary Groups Paper - Blake Troutman Sociology 07...

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Blake Troutman Sociology 07 October 2007 Extraordinary Groups In society today there are several groups that choose to set themselves apart from the typical norms in which communities near them live by . These special groups include the Old Order Amish , the Oneida Community, the Gypsies and the Christian Scientists. With majority of the world living by certain standards , these groups tend to seclude themselves away from typical features of society and live their lives to their liking . Many values and morals help these groups stay away form the pressures of mainstream society and it is why they are considered such extraordinary groups . A group , the Old Order Amish, lived their lives by a Mennonite preacher named Jacob Amman and have had the same life style since their establishment , with a few modifications . The Amish, originating in 1693, have lived their lives through religious practices and which involves teachings of conservatism and the mentality that they have been chosen by god to take great pains to stay away from the world at large . These views of life are expressed to their people through their diverse school systems and religious practices . Some are very similar however, their religious day where services occur is on Sundays , just like the Christians, but the services are dissimilar and these days are much more significant days . They practice their beliefs by living in their own separate communities and rejecting many contemporary ideas of modern society . They try to
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reject all types of things in society they describe as harmful ways . You could express this group as a slow society , but they don’t even want to go faster, they want to keep things
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Extraordinary Groups Paper - Blake Troutman Sociology 07...

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