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MIS Ch 3 questions

MIS Ch 3 questions - c decreased market share d*all the...

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MIS 330 Chapter 3 Questions 1. What is NOT a source of competitive advantage? a. Achieving lower costs than rivals b. ****Having longer lead times in developing new products**** c. Delivering superior customer service d. Have a well-known brand name and reputation e. Giving customers more value for their money Source: page 89 2. In the threat of substitute products from other industries, the implication for a firm would be: a. potential returns on products b. losing customers for life
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Unformatted text preview: c. decreased market share d. ***all the above*** e. Improved quality Source: Table 3.3 Page 99 3. In assessing value, the E-Business Innovation Cycle suggests ways to think about investments in disruptive innovations which include: a. ****Put technology ahead of marketing and strategy**** b. Mainframe performance c. Innovation is kaput d. Midrange computers e. Marginalized technology Source: Assessing Value. Page 116-117...
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