Exam 4 Review - Exam 4 Review 8th Amendment- Cruel &...

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Exam 4 Review 8 th Amendment 3 types of alternative correctional procedures 1. 2. 3. 60 Minutes 1. Stephanie’s Law - Civil Commitment for purposes of treatment 2 . Johnny D.- Lack of evidence Talk about atrocities in the lack of evidence a. truck didn’t work b. body in wrong place c. witness said he lied Alabama needs a corroborated testimony Officers 1. Correctional a. Controlling prisoners by gaining respect b. Types: block officers, work detail, supervisors, industrial shop and school officers, yard officers, administration building assignments 2. Probation a. Monitoring probationers’ activities in the community b. Ensure public safety while providing rehabilitative support for offenders c. Help their clients comply with court orders 3. Parole a. Monitoring parolees’ activities and for providing him with help in readjusting to life in the community b. Restrict the parolees’ activities, detect violations, make an arrest, initiate revocation proceedings
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Exam 4 Review - Exam 4 Review 8th Amendment- Cruel &...

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