Test 4 - Test 4 Vocabulary Chapter 12 Prison hulks-...

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Test 4 Vocabulary Chapter 12 Prison hulks- decommissioned ships converted into prisons Penitentiary- prison or place of confinement and correction for persons convicted of criminal acts; originally a place where convicts did penance Reformatory- institution designed to reform criminals through individualized treatment, education and vocational training. Detention facility- facility that houses persons arrested and undergoing processing, awaiting trial, or awaiting transfer to a correctional facility Correctional facility- facility where convicted offenders serve their sentence; includes county jails and state and federal prisons Jail- place of confinement administered by local officials and designed to hold persons for more than forty-eight hours but usually less than one year Prison- Federal or state penal institution in which offenders serve sentences longer than one year Chapter 13 Maximum Security Prison- Penal institution designed and operated with the principle goal of preventing escape and avoiding violence on the part of prisoners, virtually to the exclusion of rehabilitation or other programs Medium Security Prison- Penal institutions with emphasis on control and custody, but not to the exclusion of rehabilitative or other programs Minimum Security Prison- Penal institution allowing inmates and visitors
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course CLJ 111 taught by Professor Texidor,joseluis during the Spring '07 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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Test 4 - Test 4 Vocabulary Chapter 12 Prison hulks-...

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