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Excel helped me to make my quarterly budget very organized and easy to understand. By putting an executive summary on top I could see the overall view of the totals, to do this I used a formula and the comment function to help me remember that I did so. I chose a scholarship, a loan and a lottery drawing as my three sources of income for the three months. I showed the amount of money that each allowed me per month and then the auto sum feature to show totals at the end of each row and column. Under expenses I have shown the amount of money I need to set aside for book and school
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Unformatted text preview: supplies, toiletries and necessities, food and entertainment and rugby expenses. I included an 8% tax which I have shown off to the side of my expenses table. I compiled the tax at the bottom of my table by using a multiplication formula. I used easy to view formatting and a professional layout. All in all, I love to use excel and the formulas and functions that it offers makes it very easy to use and to produce mathematical outcomes....
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