102_1_Chapter4-SOLS-Part1 - SoJurbor 3o Sylrran &...

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SoJurbor 3o Sylrran & Sipr& t. l. egl(tlv(tl) r. (-t u ltll t-rt I lF:TiF;IU ' .-l r-l t - ..+1.+2 t+tc*2 h-gt!- t - t [ ,+lJr*2 t*Z e*J &-ru(r) 2.-ta(i ?r, I" Vv ol -2"-tr-r)] c-b & dro -i.-.-#r-ffi-ffi f(tl ,,r",-(*tlu(tl- **,f4u(r) (iiif Trrfu tbc lrphcc Durfan o( rlc dif,cnsarirl cqurion nd& ttYlol- y(ol - ,y(0) + 6rr(r) ry(o) + zr(r) - l Solvb3 for I(r) L.dr to r(,) F+m+.q-,+:ri CIIAPTER I: FOtIRIER SERIES PaoBrJM I wo couilcr rigarb tbrt hvc r pcriodicity of r/2s rrlr ' r pcrbrdicity of f. I! rticl er*'c Lrve rlrr f(ti tdi/il :j$_r/q. lr) tE (ii) r(r) - r(.1 r - l(tl - !F. - lo''' ^rlr-. .,. .dr+ I_r,rf(tlctu. .& ,[,!,-o-'ot 4 * fo't' tl, ?lzletu.e 4rro,,o?t. I'" rr'r,-n"rar (r + c'*F)
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Solvtbll Jo Sytlemt I'Signr& Silcc cd" = -l wbcl n ir odd, rc brvc .P, = 0 fc n odd. 1b) Tr. - ll'" rcr-d.-.tdr+ Ilr,"!(tlcrn.tdt ' f"lz .. t" l(tlc'.*-t 4 Itlz * lQ Tlzlei*ot 4,r"iuot12 llt" rcr-(-,ot 4,2(r -,"Tr) Siacc cdot = I rlcl n ir cvcl, rc Lrvr .P, - 0 fa n cvcL PBOBLEM 2 Uriag probhn'h', riacc /(rj f $+*) lc hrvc for n cvcr: + lo''' ,{r}--i'uo' 4,g I"''" *("'.'- c-!.') ,-i*'ot 4,g *'froci(r-'),.rlt"* 1ffi"-dr*o). .,1t/' i;j;5; [,;'tr-'l -t] - ffi; [,-t'tr+"r 1] Sbcc a ir wca .-dr(r*l) - -l tad,-dr(t-rf t, .o &- r I _ l-___I_ bolo-1 1+nJ o"(n2-1) , ^F" - ;i;;Ii fc n wcn Aadf.=0fcnodd.
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course EE 102 taught by Professor Levan during the Spring '08 term at UCLA.

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102_1_Chapter4-SOLS-Part1 - SoJurbor 3o Sylrran &...

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