LECTURE_22_Hist1A - LECTURE 22: THE PAX ROMANA Pax Romana...

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Unformatted text preview: LECTURE 22: THE PAX ROMANA Pax Romana (Roman Peace), 14-180-greatest peace in the history of Rome-3 main stages-Rule of the Julio-Claudians 14-68-emperors from the line of Augustus-After year of anarchy in 68-69 the rule of the Flavian dynasty-five good emperors 96-180 Julio-Claudians-the union of the Julian family and Claudian family-following rulers related to Augustus through blood or marriage-when Augustus died in succeeded by Tiberius-ease of succession showed how well Augustus controlled the principate-Tiberius (r. 14-37)-moved from Rome to Capri in the bay of Naples-become more bad tempered and paranoid as time went on-one attempt on his life nipped in the bud-used Roman law of treason several times-used informers-compelled Senate to sit as a law court and hear treason trials-had completely alienated the senate by his death-Succeeded by Gauis aka "Caligula" Little Boot-Caligula (r. 37-41)-became gravely ill at beginning of his rule but got better at expense of his sanity-popular amongst the people since he reduced taxes and spent a lot on public entertainment-Senate and nobles considered him a raving maniac and insane-Caligula insisted on being worshipped as a god while still alive-insisted on sacrifices to him, made sisters goddesses-appointed his horse to the Senate-did not have any foreign policy that effected history-planned to invade Britain, went to coast of France with army, built lighthouse-attempt on his life which succeeded and resulted in his death, his wife's and his daughter-Claudius (r. 41-54)-found hiding behind curtain at Caligula's assassination and saluted as emperor-rewarded praetors by paying 15,000 sestorians to each man-mocked by family due to physical impediment, but was the most intelligent and least insane emperor since Augustus-was a serious scholar having written histories on the Carthaginians and the reign of Augustus-most significant contribution to the development of the principate was the creation of cabinet hosts-created five departments of government each headed by a secretary-governmental departments:...
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LECTURE_22_Hist1A - LECTURE 22: THE PAX ROMANA Pax Romana...

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