Sociological - Unfortunately unless one is partaking in some creative sex breasts are actually not used for this purpose That’s why it is a TRUTH

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Kate Daye April 13, 2007 Sociological Article 9 When some people see women breast feeding in public they become uncomfortable, grossed-out, or even offended at the sight of seeing a bare breast. Sociology comes into play in many ways in this scenario. We easily discuss this topic by using the idea of sociology not being the study of the obvious. It is apparent that breast feeding in public places is not a widely accepted truth. The problem lies in the way that society has shown the female breast. If our society was like many other ones around the world such as many African and Asian ones, the breast would be seen as a source of nourishment, as a lump of fat that a woman has to store food for her babies, or as a maternal feature- which is exactly what it is used for. On the contrary, in America, our society sees breasts as a sexual desire, as a trophy, or as a dirty private part.
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Unformatted text preview: Unfortunately, unless one is partaking in some creative sex, breasts are actually not used for this purpose. That’s why it is a TRUTH that breasts are a needed, motherly, feature of a woman’s body that is needed to feed her baby. The problem is that this is not widely accepted. A sociologist could easily see why this offends many people though and why our society thinks the way they do. In other countries women don’t wear shirts or think about their breasts in a sexual manner. In America, women flaunt their breasts when being deviant and always have to keep their nipples covered or it’s considered inappropriate. The media shows the women who have the bigger breasts as more beautiful and the women who are showing more of their breasts as slutty. Therefore, when a mother needs to nurture her hungry newborn, these stereotypes tare then cast unto her....
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