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Paper 1 - situation in the way that makes them feel the...

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Kate Daye February 9, 2007 So it’s been made blatantly obvious that the men who preach prosperity are the rich ones. My question is simple. If the men who were preaching prosperity weren’t living in 2.5 million dollar condos and driving around in Benzes, would they still have followers? Would the Anderson’s have the same faith in their donations if Mr. Dollar was only pulling in $20,000 a year and seen eating supper at the soup kitchen? I want to believe it to be true, that everyone’s faith in these churches are based off of God alone, but unfortunately, if they didn’t see the pastor with heavy pockets, I am afraid it wouldn’t be. This then leads me to the question, is God really taking care of these leaders by prospering them with riches? Is God allowing them to use themselves as an example for preaching his word? Again, as a believer I would like to think so. On the contrary, I think that the opposite is happening and that the pastors and congregations are reading the
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Unformatted text preview: situation in the way that makes them feel the warmest instead of in the way that makes the most sense. I believe that since the men, like Mr. Dollar, are bringing in so much money, the church is compensating them, possibly even in a commission-like form. The man preaches that coming to his church and donating will bring prosperity, thousands of worse off people come in and donate to “God,” and when the church reaps the benefits, it thanks Mr. Dollar with a generous reward. But what I’m saying is, maybe Mr. Dollar is truly innocent and doesn’t see this. Perhaps he thinks that it truly is God who is taking care of him for bringing all of these people into the light. Maybe Mr. Dollar has been born and raised to see things in this manner, like Sam says: the strings have shaped his thinking in ways that he would never see. In my mind, these reverends aren’t salesmen, they’re faithful and naive....
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